Landus Donates Over $50,000 to Local Fire and Rescue Crews Across Territory

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AMES, Iowa (Feb. 3, 2022) – Seventy-one fire/rescue crews around the state were awarded $750 each from Landus in February. Landus awarded $53,250 as part of their annual donation to local fire and rescue crews in areas where they do business. 

The complete list of who received the grant:

  • Ackley Fire Dept.
  • Ackley Volunteer Ambulance
  • Adair Volunteer Fire Dept. 
  • Alden Fire Fighters Assoc. 
  • Altoona Fire Dept. 
  • Arcadia Fire Fighters Assoc.
  • Aredale Fire Dept. 
  • Atlantic Fire Dept.
  • Auburn Fire & Rescue
  • Audubon Fire & Rescue
  • Bayard Ambulance
  • Bayard Fire Dept. 
  • Bouton Fire & Rescue
  • Boxholm Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Bricelyn Fire Dept.
  • Bristow Fire Dept.
  • Britt Fire Assoc.
  • Buffalo Center Fire Dept.
  • Carroll Fire Dept.
  • Churdan Fire & Rescue
  • Coon Rapids Fire Dept.
  • CWT Fire Fighters Foundation
  • Dedham Fire Dept.
  • Defiance Fire Dept.
  • Dike Fire & Rescue
  • Early Fire & Rescue
  • Easton Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Exira Fire & Rescue
  • Forest City Fire Dept.
  • Glidden Area Fire Fighters Assoc.
  • Grand Junction Fire & Rescue
  • Greene County Ambulance
  • Greene Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Guthrie Center Fire Fighters Assoc.
  • Halbur Fire Dept. 
  • Hardin Co. Emergency Squad
  • Holland Fire & Rescue
  • Ida Grove Fire Dept.
  • Irwin Fire & Rescue Assoc.
  • Jefferson Fire Fighters Assoc.
  • Kiester Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Larrabee Fire Dept.
  • Latimer Fire Dept.
  • Lohrville Fire Dept. 
  • Lytton Area Emergency Services
  • Madrid Fire & Rescue
  • Manilla Fire Dept. 
  • Manson Fire Dept.
  • Minburn Fire & Rescue
  • New Hartford Fire Fighters Assoc.
  • Newell Fire Dept.
  • Odebolt Fire Dept.
  • Ogden Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Parkersburg Fire Dept.
  • Paton Fire Agency
  • Perry Volunteer Fire Dept.
  • Plainfield First Responders
  • Rake Fire Dept.
  • Ralston Fire Fighter Assoc.
  • Reading-Cedar Fire Dept. 
  • Rhodes Volunteer Fire Fighter & EMS Assoc. 
  • Rockwell City Fire Dept.
  • Sac City Fire Dept.
  • Scranton Fire Dept.
  • Stuart Fire Dept.
  • Swea City Fire Dept.
  • Templeton Community Fire Dept.
  • West Hancock Ambulance Service
  • Willey First Responders
  • Winnebago Fire Dept. 
  • Yale Fire Dept.

“Supporting local fire and rescue crews is something Landus takes great pride in,” said Matt Carstens, President & CEO of Landus. “Many of our employees and farmer-owners are actively involved in their local safety and emergency response crews. They play a crucial role in our rural communities and to the cooperative itself.”

    The farmer-owned cooperative announced the Core Grant program at the beginning of 2019 as part of a quarterly philanthropy focus. With this grant, 71 fire and rescue crews will be able to continue to update and improve their equipment and services to respond to emergencies in their community and surrounding areas. 

    “We had a record number of applicants and recipients this year. We are sincerely grateful for the dedication of these crews to the safety and protection of our employees, farmer-owners, and community members," said Matt Chambers, Landus board member and chair of the Donations Committee.

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