Landus Expands Grain Capabilities of Boone Location

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BOONE, Iowa (December 5, 2023) — Over the past two years, Landus has reinvested more than $200 million throughout our geography to modernize facilities for the farmer of tomorrow, and it’s clear, further investments need to be put into our Boone location. Due to farmer demand, Landus is further committing to the promise of putting the farmer at the center of everything we do and creating more grain storage for our Boone area growers. 

With the impressive numbers that the Boone area farmers delivered to their location, Landus has the pleasure to share that the Boone location will be expanded with improved grain handling capacity and speed ahead of Harvest 2024. These planned upgrades will include the following: 

  • Two new grain bins totaling 3 million bushels of additional storage 
  • An additional 7,000 bushels-per-hour dryer, which will increase total on-site drying capacity to 15,000 bushels per hour 
  • A new 30,000 bushels-per-hour leg and receiving pit 

Landus is reinvesting in the insights and infrastructure our farmers will need for the future throughout our geography. Over the past two years we have reinvested 200 million dollars back into our rural locations, and we’re excited to elevate our assets in Boone next. Coupled with the construction of a fertilizer and chemical manufacturing and repack facility set to come online this spring for the production of our new AcreEdge performance portfolio, Boone will provide the best in grain and agronomy for central Iowa and beyond,” said Landus President & CEO Matt Carstens. 

Construction of the grain handling upgrades begin this spring and are slated to be operational ahead of harvest 2024. These grain enhancements will complement the major agronomy investments already underway at Boone. A state-of-the-art fertilizer manufacturing and repack facility will enable our team to take links out of the agronomy supply chain and better connect you to locally manufactured products designed to improve farmer profitability, including the all new AcreEdge Performance Portfolio.