Landus GROW Virtual Agronomist video, Seed Treatment

Grow Mag Spring 2022 Virtual Agronomist Facebook vf

This time on the Virtual Agronomist, Dan explores the use and importance of seed treatments. Yes, he says we should be using seed treatments and shares data specific to the increase in yields seen when using a seed treatment. Dan shares what he looks for in a seed treatment, particularly multiple modes of action. His recommendation includes, Vibrance® Trio from Syngenta and shares his reasons for why. He also talks about other scenarios, such as Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). Dan talks about the advantages of Illevo® from BASF and Saltro® from Syngenta. As we begin planting, now is the time to consider your seed treatment regimen. For more information or to talk with Dan, the Landus GROW Virtual Agronomist, call (515) 800-GROW at the GROW Solutions Center.