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Landus Introduces the GROW Virtual Agronomist Video Learning Series

Grow Mag Spring 2022 Virtual Agronomist Facebook vf

Landus is excited to bring farmers agronomic expertise and advice, right to their farm through the digital video learning series, the GROW Virtual Agronomist. 

Join Landus agronomist, Dan Bjorklund, as he takes a systematic look at corn and soybean plants and what impacts and influences potential yields. Our virtual agronomist, Dan, has more than 40 years of agronomic practice and is passionate about helping farmers improve yields and maximize productivity on their farms.

This video series is another way that Landus can help bring valuable insights and advice to our farmers in a way that is easy for them to access on their time and direct from their locations.

The GROW Virtual Agronomist series will follow Dan as he preps for planting season and give viewers a look at key fundamentals crucial to overall growing success. As planting season approaches, we’ll move from bi-weekly to weekly and provide a first-hand look at the growth and development from fields right here in Iowa.

Dan will take viewers on tours and in depth looks at plants at the Landus Farnhamville research plots where we focus on new products and technologies as well as hybrid and variety trials. He’ll talk with special guests that will provide additional insights into what is happening in fields currently, such as pests, disease, and more.

You won’t want to miss virtual agronomist Dan’s expert knowledge and passion to help farmers get to 300-bushel corn and 100-bushel beans! 

The GROW Virtual Agronomist video learning series is brought to you by the Landus GROW Solutions Center. Contact the GROW Solutions Center at (515) 800-GROW (4769) or email for more information or to talk with Dan or any of the other Landus virtual experts within the GROW Solutions Center.