GROW Ag Data Locker

Landus Launches Grow Ag Data Locker

GROW Ag Data Locker

Landus wants you to be rewarded for your current practices and efforts. As the data push continues to evolve, we are providing tools to ensure our farmers are best set-up to successfully reap those rewards. You can get started by signing up to participate in the GROW Ag Data Locker today!

The GROW Ag Data Locker is a farmer-focused data platform designed to secure farmer data, simplify the process of data collection and organization, and enable farmers to monetize and best leverage their data for on-farm improvements. The GROW Ag Data Locker built by Landus ensures that farm data is stored in a locally controlled and easy-to-navigate environment where only the farmer holds the keys to access.

We know it is the heart of harvest, so we are only asking you to complete one simple step now and that is to agree to participate. The Landus GROW Solutions Center will work with you following harvest to help collect and input your data into the Ag Data Locker for you.

This first step is simple – confirm your participation in the GROW Ag Data Locker by visiting the Landus portal and opt in via the “Data Locker” tab on the left side of the screen, or you can call the GROW Solutions Center (515-800-GROW) to complete this step for you.

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We believe that there is power in on-farm data and Landus is here to make sure that our farmer-owners have the opportunity to realize the reward for their efforts. The Landus GROW Ag Data Locker is a step in distinguishing Landus farmer-owners in the data race and to set our farmer-owners on a course for success. The need for on-farm data will continue to evolve and will become even more crucial to industry success.

Don’t wait, join the GROW Ag Data Locker now to get your jump-start!