Landus To Build $16 Million Fertilizer Manufacturing and Repacking Facility In Boone County, Iowa


$5 Million received from USDA Fertilizer Production Expansion Program

Updated July 5, 2023 at 4:40 pm CST

DES MOINES, IA (June 29, 2023) – Landus, the largest farmer-owned cooperative in Iowa, will break ground on a nearly $16 million greenfield fertilizer manufacturing and repackaging facility in Boone County, Iowa. The project was assisted by a $5 million grant from the USDA Fertilizer Production Expansion Program (FPEP) and has support from the City of Boone and the Boone County Board of Supervisors. The facility will manufacture a foliar, slow-release nitrogen (SRN) product, which will decrease in-ground nitrogen application rates and increase overall environmental and financial efficiency of farms.

“At Landus, we keep the farmer at the center of everything we do, and this new facility in Boone delivers the sustainability, advanced logistics, and economic efficiencies that the farmer of tomorrow, and our downstream customers, are rightfully demanding,” said Matt Carstens, president and CEO, Landus. “Our goal is to enhance the precision of input products by reducing the overall amount of nitrogen applied while also lowering the carbon footprint required to produce, store, and ship this critical product. As rural champions, Landus is committed to helping provide a sustainable future for generations of agriculture while leveraging sustainable efforts for higher return on crops.” 

The vertically integrated approach will integrate new targeted foliar nitrogen application technology and decrease distribution expenses and environmental impact. The expansion of this facility will allow Landus to provide direct ship distribution options for farmers and suppliers across the Midwest, while taking advantage of Landus’ unique position as the only Iowa agribusiness with access to all seven railroads. 

This facility will enable Landus to provide a complete package for gaining more efficiencies environmentally and economically, while driving value for Landus farmer-owners. Quick facts about the project include: 

  • This new state-of-the-art facility including chemical and seed storage will be a freestanding 66,000 square foot building, producing over 100,000 gallons of foliar SRN in the first operational year and 250,000 gallons in subsequent years.
  • The manufacturing facility will be constructed on 35.8 acres at 1095 T Ave, Boone, IA, adjacent to the current Landus 33-acre grain facility which provides grain and agronomy solutions.
  • The new facility will create three new full-time production positions with more to come while being supported by 75 of Landus’ current employees including sales and agronomy specialists, GROW Solutions Center specialists, e-commerce technicians, marketing, distribution, and manufacturing.



As a farmer-owned cooperative headquartered in Iowa, Landus elevates and uplifts thousands of farmers in communities throughout rural America. By activating the power of data to connect key contributors across the ag supply chain, we are helping farmers build sustainable and profitable businesses and activating a more secure food and fuel future for farmers and consumers alike.