Landus to Expand with Development of Cross Country Grain Trade Team

Cross Country Grain Team Pic 101222 vf

DES MOINES, IA (October 12, 2022) — Landus, the 7th largest grain company in North America, announced further expansion of the company’s cross country grain trading network with the addition of two highly experienced grain merchandisers. Brock Seidl and Tyson Pettijohn recently joined the Landus grain merchandising team to grow opportunities for Landus in the northeast and northern plains of the U.S. as well as in multiple Canadian provinces. 

Landus serves more than 7,000 farmer-owners in Iowa and Minnesota and opened a new office opened in May 2022 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Across North America, demand for Midwest crops is soaring and Landus is the only agribusiness in Iowa with connections to all seven Class 1 railways. 

“At Landus, we continue to expand our grain merchandising network to create more opportunities for our farmer-owners and to diversify our geographic portfolio to deliver on the global food and fuel needs of our customers,” said Matt Carstens, president and chief executive officer, Landus. “When we can incorporate highly experienced grain merchandisers like Brock and Tyson who have strong relationships outside our existing footprint, we expand our reach without capital investment, which is smart and efficient for Landus and beneficial for our farmers.”

Brock Seidl, cross country trade lead, will head up the team whose function will be to utilize their existing relationships and extensive knowledge of the markets to expand the Landus trade footprint by providing marketing solutions for producers and end users. With 12+ years of grain merchandising knowledge, he will focus on the competitive Canadian grain merchandising market. Brock’s previous experience includes grain merchandising a wide variety of grain types for companies like Farmer’s Business Network, Kruse Western Trading Group, and Gavilon Grain, LLC. 

Tyson Pettijohn, senior grain merchandiser, will focus his efforts on growth for Landus in the northern plains and northeastern region of the U.S., putting his 7+ years of previous experience with Farmer’s Business Network and Gavilon Grain to work for Landus customers. 

Landus works with buyers and farmers who appreciate the flexibility of a wide variety of contract options. With a full team of grain merchandisers and buyers, logistics utilizing rail, trucking, and other transports, and a robust quality assurance program, Landus is critical partner in the food and fuel supply chain.