Landus to Invest $150 million into Rural Ag Facilities

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The farmer-owned cooperative will reinvest record amounts over the next four years into grain and agronomy sites throughout Iowa with incremental capital investment plan

Landus, Iowa’s largest farmer-owned cooperative, today announced plans to invest a record $150 million in incremental capital spending into core grain and agronomy facilities throughout the company’s territory to modernize aging infrastructure and improve service to local farmers. This comes at a time when aging rural infrastructure continues to make headlines and presents challenges for farmers, ag businesses, and communities throughout the state.

“Rural Iowa needs our industry to step up to the plate and reinvest for the future the way our forefathers did for us. A generation of farmers came together to build up the cooperative infrastructure in the 1950s. But since then, our industry has not done our job building for the future the way they once did. We owe our farmers and our communities more, and the Landus team is proud to roll out this robust reinvestment plan designed to deliver facilities of the future where they are desperately needed,” said Matt Carstens, President & CEO of Landus.

Over the next four years Landus will reinvest unprecedented amounts into core locations to deliver the speed, space, and safety that farmers expect. 

Landus also recently announced additional initiatives designed to better position farmers for success in the future. This summer the company will unveil its Innovation Connector and collaborative workspace in downtown Des Moines designed to connect farmers directly to innovators, tech start-ups, and change makers driving the future of ag forward.

“It is not enough for a cooperative to simply meet the needs of farmers today. We must lay a solid foundation for what our farmers will need in the future. Landus is proud to expedite that journey forward with this robust reinvestment into our critical rural hubs. We look forward to unveiling more to our farmer-owners in the months ahead,” Carstens said.

About Landus

As a farmer-owned cooperative headquartered in Iowa, Landus elevates and uplifts thousands of farmers in communities throughout rural America. By activating the power of data to connect key contributors across the ag supply chain, we’re helping farmers build sustainable and profitable businesses and activating a more secure food and fuel future for farmers and consumers alike.