Leadership Letter

Harvest is upon us.

In July each of our location’s managers met with our central logistics, operations, and grain merchandising teams to make plans for harvest storage and capacity utilization. We look to be in good shape entering harvest; all ground piles will be picked up, and our rail partners have been keeping pace this summer.

Also, in July, we sent out a survey to all employees at all levels asking them for their input on quick investments to improve speed, service, safety or efficiency. We have approved more than $244,000 to make these projects reality. Here are a few of the improvements which are being put in place on your behalf in time for harvest based on location-level ideas.

  • Additional NH3 riser and intercom system to talk with growers in Bayard
  • New lights for the Bradford location for safer night operations and efficiency during harvest
  • Fill potholes in the Jefferson line to improve road quality at harvest
  • New concrete in front of the Churdan seed shed to avoid breaking seed pallets
  • Replace white rock road at Yale location with new, more permanent concrete

As a cooperative, this process illustrates one way in which our members’ ideas, suggestions, and needs become a reality. I and members of the executive team have also been traveling to locations several times a month to have lunch with our employees. These casual conversations allow employees to share their input, raise concerns or share grower feedback. While we cannot grant every wish, I have found these lunch-time meetings valuable. We are member-owned, and these local touches are driving our business for the future.

As a farmer-owned cooperative competing in a turbulent, global marketplace in the midst of a multi-year downturn of on-farm profitability, we must be laser-focused on our grain marketing services. I encourage you to download the newest version of our Landus Cooperative app. For the first time, you’re able to log-in to see your scale tickets right on your smartphone.

I am eager to get in the combine with some of you this fall and hear more about how we are doing to serve your operation. Please continue to share your feedback with us.

As with your farm operation, we’ve created a good plan and have confidence in our ability to execute. With the assistance of Mother Nature, our team is ready to serve you.

Thank you for your business. We’ll see you at the scales!

Milan R. Kucerak
Chief Executive Officer