Main Street Series: Choice Auto

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Especially in rural, a reliable mode of transportation tis a high priority for most. Luckily for the residents of Carroll and surrounding towns, there’s Choice Auto — a car dealership with a wide selection of cars, trucks, campers, motorcycles, (even a bucket truck, if you’re in the market) or anything that could fit your accommodations. 

Equity accounting specialist, Amanda Rezac and her husband, Jim run Choice Auto in Carroll, Iowa. Celebrating 20 years of business in Carroll and surrounding areas, the Rezac’s have created a reputable report with lots of Carroll residents. 

“My daughter doesn’t go with her dad to run errands because he’ll run into someone, and they’ll end up talking cars for a half hour. I’ve spent my whole life either in Glidden or Carroll, and he knows way more people in town than I do.”

Amanda Rezac, Landus equity accounting specialist

Amanda and her family live on an acreage just south of Glidden with their three children. Amanda conducts treasury-related work for Landus; while not at Landus, she runs payroll and keeps books for Choice Auto. When she’s not bookkeeping for Choice Auto, she attends her kids’ extracurricular events. 

And much like any rural business, the chances of having customers who are also friends, relatives, or coworkers are probable. Landus credit analyst, Chasity Andersen and her family have been buying cars from Amanda and Jim for years.

“If we need service, they’re our first phone call since I know Amanda. It’s comforting knowing the people you’re doing business with.”

Chasity Andersen, Landus credit analyst

Many of the customers Amanda and Jim see are repeat customers from the area, but with the capabilities of the internet and Jim’s taste in unique finds from auctions where he buys cars, buyers from across the country come to see what’s on his lot. 

“Jim takes a lot of pride in what he buys for the dealership. We’ve had people fly in from different states and drive the car home.” 

If you’re in the market for a car, Choice Auto is a reputable dealership with familiar and friendly faces ready to help! See their entire inventory on their website at

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