Main Street Series: I-80 Trailers

I 80 Trailers Website 092023

The Midwest is not fly-over country... but it can occasionally be drive–through country, or road trip country! Iowa’s centralized location makes a great fit for transportation companies to root their operations in. I-80 Trailers based out of De Soto, Iowa, sells a variety of trailers, truck beds, mowers, and sheds. On top of all their trailer sales, they offer competitive financing, parts, and service. 

Established in 2017, on the principle of servicing the products they sell, Jerry Poore and his team have established I-80 Trailers as a trusted name in the trailer industry. By doing so, they’ve earned the spot as the top cargo dealer in the state. 

We take a lot of pride in the products we sell, but also servicing them. A lot of similar companies just offer the sale of trailers, but we keep people coming back when they need it fixed, or ready to buy a new one.

One of the key aspects that sets I-80 Trailers apart is their extensive product range. Whether you're a farmer needing a robust agriculture trailer, a construction company in need of heavy-duty haulers, or a family looking for a reliable utility trailer, I-80 Trailers has a solution to meet your needs. 

I-80 Trailers stand out through their commitment to customer service. By providing onsite trailer parts and service departments to their customers, they embody the essence of meeting the customer where they’re at. They make it a point to go the extra mile — literally and figuratively. Convenience along one of Iowa’s largest interstates, I-80 Trailers brings products and services that competition can’t.

Our customers are families who need to move larger possessions for a move or trip. We also serve commercial operations that need trailers to conduct their business. Regardless of who we sell to, we get customers from across the Midwest because we offer support for their products if things go wrong.

So, whether you're a farmer, construction worker, or a family in need of reliable transportation solutions, I-80 Trailers' expertise and experience make them a strong choice for any kind of customer.

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