Main Street Series: QUANTM Life Systems

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Two unlikely things paired great together over the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic -- Tim Unruh : baking :: weight loss : cookies.

After being in the crop input business for over 35 years, Tim Unruh discovered a new avenue for his agri-based experience. And although it didn’t directly involve his past knowledge in the agricultural business, it did incorporate innovative crop and his knack for innovation.

While we were all confined to our homes during the pandemic, many of us (including Tim!) found it difficult to exercise and keep on top of our physical health.

“I was at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been. My desk was close to the refrigerator, and I gained some weight. I tried the frozen meals, calorie counting, and other diets, and nothing was working. I started experimenting in my kitchen over the weekends to come up with something that tasted good and could help me lose weight.”

The QUANTM Life brand was born with hours of trial and error in the kitchen. The QUANTM Life Meal Replacement Cookie Mix brings the convenience of a quick meal replacement, the health benefits of added protein, and it tastes great.

With his crop input background and innovation-forward mindset, Tim’s knowledge and research led him to hemp protein. Finding it appealing for its sustainability, nutritional aspects, and tasteTim found a winner in hemp protein. 

“I had done some research on different kinds of protein for our product and found that hemp protein is sustainable, it’s packed with omegas and aminos, it’s easily digestible, and it’s allergen-free,” said Tim.

After losing over 25 pounds himself, and sharing the cookie mix with friends and family, he discovered that his creation worked. Tim’s friends and relatives began to share their weight loss stories on social media and encouraged him to continue making more of the mix in his kitchen. The cookies satisfied their appetite, and they tasted sensational. 

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Finished product of QUANTM

“At one point I was making mixes for people I didn’t know who were halfway across the country, and even then, I still wasn’t sure I wanted to make a business out of this.”

The only hesitation Tim had to move forward with launching a new protein weight loss cookie brand was his commitment to his full-time executive position at Landus. In order to make a successful product launch, Tim knew he had to dial back his role in Landus.

He knew he had a hit with his new product. With little capacity to launch a new brand while maintaining his responsibilities within Landus, Tim went to a marketing and graphics design firm to design the logo, the website, the packaging, and secured a toll manufacturer to mix and package his product on a large scale. As of March 2024, Tim has transitioned into a part-time role with Landus’ leadership team to allow him the flexibility to grow the Quantm Life business into a national brand.

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What started as a small passion project, QUANTM Life has now grown into a national enterprise of nutritional products , social media campaigns, and endorsements and testimonials from across the country. Throughout the QUANTM social media platforms, followers can find examples from many people sharing their weight loss progress (with the occasional meme from time to time). 

Tim and QUANTM Life Systems are now shipping products to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. You can order QUANTM Life Protein Meal Replacement Cookie Mix at and follow QUANTM’s social media on Facebook and Instagram.