Managing Derecho and Drought Damaged Crops

Iowa Damage flat corn 8 10 20

Insight from Landus Agronomy Team: 

  • Proper sizing of existing plants will be critical in the breakdown for 2021 crop.
  • Lack of moisture this fall will not help plant residue breakdown, especially if lightly disked. Will need fertilizer for the 2021 crop so it doesn’t run out of steam.

  • Corn going to soybeans: Apply 70%+ of what you were going to apply for 2021. 
  • Should I soil sample? Short answer, no. Your soil is in a long term nutrient cycle that involves your plant residue breaking down into carbon and overtime mineralizes into plant-available nutrients over years, some parts break down fast, others slow. Your results won’t be very accurate and with the lack of moisture this year it would be good to wait.

  • Corn going back to corn: This is a larger conversation, hopefully, they have it terminated and we can get some rain so the corn can start to grow which will help the volunteer corn issue you will have. Nitrogen needs will be pretty high as you’ll need it to break down all the residue to split applications of nitrogen that would be required. 

Additional resources:

Iowa State has put out some great articles on nutrient removal, grain concerns, cover crop info, view their newsletter. You can also click here for more information.