Matt Carstens Video Message to Farmer-Owners

Landus and Nu Way KH Cooperative Web 040921 vf

Landus is leading the implementation of an innovative alternative to traditional mergers and acquisitions for local agricultural cooperatives and independent businesses. It is focused on improving service and competitiveness to drive more value for its collective membership and customers, while maintaining local influence and identity. NuWay-K&H Cooperative is the first to collaborate in this new model. Kevin Jones, President & CEO of NuWay-K&H, will join Landus as Minnesota Busines Unit Leader.

“Locally-based agricultural cooperatives and independent businesses have long played an important role contributing to farmer livelihoods and rural vitality,” said Matt Carstens, “This strategy of local ag companies collaborating together is designed to modernize and protect the viability of these vital business offerings and services.”

Watch our special video message from Matt below.