New and Improved SoyChlor & PasturChlor

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Watch this Previously Recorded Webinar to Learn More About the Change 

Our team is excited to offer you the same trusted consistency and chloride content, now with improved flowability and protein content. While the industry renowned SoyPlus will continue to be one of the protein sources in SoyChlor and PasturChlor, this month we will transition away from the inclusion of single-sourced DDGs.

For years we have sourced DDGs from a single supplier to help ensure industry-leading consistency in every batch of our products. As nutritionists have become more aware of the importance of supplying adequate metabolizable protein to close-up dry cows, we have taken a step toward improving the quality of the protein component of SoyChlor and PasturChlor. Removing DDGs and replacing it with more canola meal will not only ensure more consistent quality of the protein, but also improve its physical handling characteristics.

"We are always looking for opportunities to add more value to these premium ingredients. I am excited for customers to experience the same trusted cow performance, but now with easier product handling and improved total protein value," said Tim Brown, SoyChlor and PasturChlor Technical Director.

This change will not impact DCAD strength or its ability to improve the calcium status of cows at calving. For more information about this product evolution we invite you to watch this previously recorded webinar or contact a member of our team directly. 

This ingredient change does NOT apply to Non-GMO SoyChlor. All international SoyChlor customers will continue to receive the unchanged formula until permits, registrations, labels and other necessary documents are finalized on a country-by-country basis.