New Video Series: Locally-Manufactured Feed Ingredient Helps Dairy Producers Worldwide

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New video series details how locally-manufactured SoyChlor® keeps global dairy herds healthy and profitable

Greene County is invited to watch a new behind-the-scenes video series highlighting how SoyChlor, a locally-manufactured dairy feed ingredient, is helping dairy producers supply more milk, more efficiently, to communities worldwide.

While many residents are aware of the commodities flowing in and out of the Landus Cooperative™ Jefferson location, less are aware that just next door to the elevator the company is manufacturing and shipping a globally-demanded, value-added product each day.

With a newly-released video series, the public can now see inside the operation and learn about the processes and people responsible for creating an internationally-respected product. Viewers will get to hear from Landus Cooperative CEO Milan Kucerak how SoyChlor improves not only the cooperative’s bottom line, which offers more opportunities to members, but also strengthens the economies of dairy productions and the communities they touch worldwide.

SoyChlor is just one product in the Dairy Nutrition Plus™ family of dairy feed ingredients manufactured by Landus Cooperative. The SoyChlor facility in Jefferson employs six full-time employees.

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More About SoyChlor

SoyChlor is fed to cows in locations as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Africa and Peru.

“We are able to deliver locally-grown quality to global reaches,” said Mark Cullen, Chief Animal Nutrition Officer at Landus Cooperative. “We take pride in our ability to harness the values of our local cooperative to create an important, high-quality ingredient that impacts food supplies in communities throughout the world.”

SoyChlor was a revolutionary product when commercialized by the farmer-owned cooperative and introduced to the market nearly 20 years ago. It helped prevent a problem—more effectively than any alternative before it—that had plagued the dairy industry: milk fever. This disorder results in costly treatments, decreased milk production, and a slow road getting a cow back to health. SoyChlor has helped producers prevent this sometimes fatal disease and improve the overall health of their animals.

“Our team has had the pleasure of witnessing first-hand how SoyChlor has transformed the health and productivity of dairy herds. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from our customers—whether they are a small family farm in the Midwest or a more than 10,000-head herd in the Middle East— how SoyChlor has improved the health of their animals and improved profitability on the farm,” Cullen said.


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