Nitrogen Loss Is Real. Protect Your N.

Spring application
Remain graph
RemaiN treated UAN, applied 24 days after planting, increased corn yield by approximately 25 bu/acre compared to untreated UAN.

Can you afford NOT to protect your nitrogen this year?
Using nitrogen stabilizers is a proven method to protect yields and water. Research proves that even at lower temperatures, nitrogen loss is still a risk. 

Nitrogen loss due to ammonia volatilization can be up to 40% when UAN is not adequately incorporated with a ½ inch of rain. 

RemaiN™ is proven to control loss from ammonia volatilization so more nitrogen is available for plant uptake, up to 40% of your N can be lost to the air, working the ground lightly does not protect all of your nitrogen. 80-90% of a corn’s root mass is in the top 24” of soil, this is where we need to keep nitrogen. 

Remain allows for larger windows of application which are critical in time-sensitive spring applications of nitrogen.

ROI using Remain UAN - 60 lbs. N

 Advanced issue found

$3.00 Price/Bu. of Corn
$3.55 Cost of Treatment/Acre
7 Additional Bushels
$21.00 Gross Revenue
$17.45 Gain from Investment (Net Profit)
492% Return on Investment