Paige Citurs - Intern Spotlight

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Meet Paige Citurs

  1. What drew you to Landus? I have lived right next to the Ralston location and deliver grain there. I have been there for events and Landus is something that has always been a part of my life 
  2. What position is your internship? Crop Scout 
  3. Location? Gowrie
  4. What do you enjoy most about your internship so far? I love to crop scout, see the symptoms in a field, and diagnose them. See different patterns within the field from different techniques that farmers use. 
  5. What have you learned so far? Anhydrous ammonia can leave streaks within a corn field and cause an optical illusion 
  6. Something interesting about you? Been a competitive weightlifter for 6 years. 
  7. College and degree: Iowa Central Community College and majoring in Agricultural Studies
  8. Hometown: Scranton, IA 
  9. Why are you interested in agriculture as a career? I’m interested in Agriculture because farming is all I know, and this world still needs small family farmers. It’s time for my generation to fill the void!