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Rural Matters: 2024 Iowa Legislative Session Recap

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Seeing planters rolling in the fields is not just a sign of the new season beginning, but also the conclusion of another season each year… the state legislative season. Just a few days after their scheduled 100-day deadline, and some long, late nights of debate, the Iowa House and Iowa Senate adjourned in the early hours of April 20. Before we jump into the details on specific bills, here’s a helpful resource to walk you through the specific steps of “How a bill becomes a law” from the Iowa Legislative Services Agency. Of note, any bill that is approved within the last 3 days of the legislative session is given 30-days for review by the Governor, in which they must be signed or vetoed. 

The following is not an exhaustive list of everything that was covered this session, but rather some highlights that Landus has been following closely. 

  • Foreign Land Ownership – will grant the attorney general more oversight and enhance the disclosure requirements for foreign entities owning farmland in Iowa
    • (SF2204) was approved and signed by the Governor
  • Biofuel Infrastructure – will adjust compliance timelines for gas stations to update their pumps to higher ethanol blends. New dispensers must be compatible with at least E15 until next year, then E40 until 2030, then E85 thereafter under the modification
    • (HF2687) was approved and awaiting review by Governor
  • Fake Meat – will restrict food companies from marketing products as meat and eggs if they are imitation products (i.e. plant-based, insect-based, etc.). It also restricts the use of food assistance program dollars to purchase any of these imitation products
    • (SF2391) was approved and awaiting review by Governor
  • Income Tax Reform – will lower individual income tax to a flat 3.8% starting in 2025.
    • (SF2442) was approved and awaiting review by Governor
  • AEA/Special Education – will adjust the funding structure for the AEAs, allocating a growing percentage of special education dollars to the school districts to then distribute for special education programing and other general education and media services. It will increase minimum teacher salaries, along with increased allocations for paraeducators and support staff. It also set the state supplemental aid rate for public schools at 2.5%.
    • (HF2612) was approved and signed by the Governor
  • Grain Indemnity Fund – would have increased the fund from $8 to $16 million and reinstate the fees if the fund balance dipped below $8 million instead of $3, and allowed for credit sales to be covered 
    • (HSB572 & SF2393) were discussed by committees but saw no further action 
  • Eminent Domain - would have allowed the legislature to step in on eminent domain proceedings based on a petition from specified number of legislators 
    • (HF2522 & HF2664) were discussed by committees but saw no further action 
  • Ag Equipment Hwy 5/65 - would have allowed ag machinery on the roadway if/when it receives interstate designation that would otherwise impose minimum speed restrictions 
    • (HF2455) was discussed by committees but saw no further action 
  • Pesticide Liability – would have provided civil liability protections to pesticide manufacturers that are in compliance with US EPA labeling requirements. 
    • (SF2412) was passed by the Senate but saw no further action in the House 

If you are curious about other bills or policy priorities, the Iowa legislative website allows you to search by number or topic or many other criteria. It’s always a good idea to keep in contact with your elected officials, especially with this being an election year, and you can find their contact information using the legislative website as well. 

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