Seed+Graphite®: The Secret Ingredient for Season-Long Success

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The Landus agronomy portfolio consists of products that are top-of-the-line tools and solutions to get the most out of your fields and offer the most efficient use of your investments. Seed+Graphite® by Verdesian offers the highest yield for the most efficient use of farmer-owner investments. 

Landus has always taken the reliability of data insights into its decisions. Our data backs the use of Seed+Graphite without the use of additional fungicides. While we’ve seen the use of fungicides in other areas succeed, our studies have shown there’s no consistent benefit to treating crop with Seed+Graphite with additional fungicides present. 

Fungicides are put on the seed that helps protect the seed against seedling diseases. Seed+Graphite is a seed treatment that helps with stress mitigation for the seed with early season vigor and root development. Seed+Graphite touts the impressive bio below: 

  • A true 80-20 talc and graphite
  • A seed treatment product that is a premium talc graphite, delivering: 
    • Environmental stress mitigation 
  • A biostimulant that triggers the plant to grow more efficiently in a combination of naturally-chelated micronutrients to provide early-season energy
  • Also registered for use in organic agriculture
  • This product promotes: 
    • Early emergence and plant vigor establishment 
    • Root development with greater root hairs 
  • Labeled for most crops in the Midwest including: 
    • Alfalfa
    • Corn
    • Sorghum
    • Soybeans
    • Wheat

If you have additional questions or want to know what products to use for your unique farming operation, reach out to the Landus GROW Solutions Center by calling or texting (515) 800-GROW (4769), or by emailing