Service Beyond Nutrition

Kayla an Caitlin mtime20190626110700
Kayla an Caitlin mtime20190626110700

Customer service is more than just a job for Caitlin Stephenson and Kayla Irlbeck. Providing quality service to SoyPlus and SoyChlor customers is the value that drives what they do every day.

“Our customers are the driving force behind our company,” said Irlbeck. “They are our top priority when doing business each and every day.”

Based out of Landus Cooperative’s Ralston, Iowa location, Stephenson and Irlbeck work closely together to oversee timely product shipments, answer customer questions, and offer quality service beyond nutrition to SoyPlus and SoyChlor customers worldwide. A combined twelve years of experience has instilled in Stephenson and Irlbeck the importance of offering customers honesty, integrity and respect. “Our customers deserve upfront and honest service, without having to ask. I am here to listen, inform, and provide support in any way I can,” Stephenson said. 

“As customer service representatives, we must keep each customer’s best interest in mind to foster a good relationship,” said Irlbeck. “Being polite and making personal connections with our customers is important to us and how we do business.”

Stephenson and Irlbeck love the opportunity to communicate each day with people working in agriculture all over the United States and world. “Corresponding with people around the globe on a daily basis, coupled with the positive atmosphere in the office is what makes my job so enjoyable.” Stephenson said. 

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