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Nearly two years after announcing our GROW Solutions Center, Jamie Orr, GROW Agronomy Lead, and Janette Smith, GROW Grain Lead, join Ashley on the podcast this week to share the GROW Solution Center’s accomplishments thus far and discuss how they are putting farmers’ needs at the forefront of Landus. 

With a growing virtual team made up of agronomists, grain marketers, and data analysts, the Landus GROW Solutions Center is making it easier than ever to connect with growers and answer any questions they may have. 

“[Farmers] aren’t working 9-5. They start their mornings early and they finish their nights late. They work weekends. So, the virtual team helps them be better. We’re here to answer their questions...It’s just about being there when the farmer needs you most.” - Janette Smith, GROW Grain Lead 

While the GROW Solutions Center continues to serve as a form of constant communication, it has also been used as a tool to establish meaningful relationships between Landus and our farmer-owners. Making it known that we are there to support growers every step of the way has been a major goal. With over 3,700 grain accounts and 95% of agronomy customers contacted, it is safe to say their team is doing just that. 

Jamie explains that by reaching out, Landus is better able to understand and serve the farmer of tomorrow; one that has a succession plan, operates sustainably, and is self-sufficient. Whether it be on the phone, in person, or through the Landus portal online, pairing the work of the virtual GROW team with our field teams helps to provide service to the farmer in any way they need us.

If you have any questions regarding your operation, please contact the GROW Solutions Center at 515-800-GROW(4769).