Sulfur – The Fourth Major Nutrient

S04 Sulfur 2

Sulfur is vital for healthy plant growth

Sulfur is often thought of as the fourth major nutrient because of the critical role it plays in healthy plant growth. Sulfur is responsible for chlorophyll formation, protein production, and activation of enzymes. In soybeans, sulfur is an especially important part of protein synthesis. Nitrogen utilization in corn is strongly affected by sulfur availability. More than 50% of the crop’s sulfur uptake occurs after the R1 reproductive stage for both corn and soybeans, which highlights the importance of using a sulfur source with season-long release.

SO4 sulfur

Choose a sulfur fertilizer with a strong and steady release

Sulfur is a mobile nutrient in the soil, which is why the rate at which a fertilizer releases sulfate matters. SO4 pelletized gypsum from Calcium Products provides a nice initial release of sulfur followed by a steady supply throughout the growing season. SO4’s sulfur release pattern matches corn and soybean needs and is not prone to leaching.

Ask your Landus field sales agronomist about SO4

Talk to us about including SO4 in your fall fertilizer blend. Its important fertilizers applied in the fall are stable enough to hold those nutrients until the next growing season without concern of nutrient leaching. SO4’s inherent solubility makes it a reliable sulfur choice for fall application.

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