GROW Ag Data Locker

The Landus Customer Portal is the Gateway to the Ag Data Locker

GROW Ag Data Locker

Are you registered for the Landus Customer Portal? If not, unlock the many resources and tools that can be found there, including the new GROW Ag Data Locker. To create an online account on the customer portal, click ‘Customer Login’ in the top right corner of the Landus website ( From there you will select ‘Register’ to begin the process and then follow the prompts to complete registration.

One of the exciting offerings recently made available through the Landus Customer Portal is the GROW Ag Data Locker. This is a secure and simple platform to capture and store your on-farm data. The GROW Ag Data Locker will enable you to collect, organize, and allow for a seamless flow of data to monetization opportunities at your discretion. Today’s consumer-driven markets demand sustainability, traceability, and access to carbon credits. The GROW Ag Data Locker positions participating farmers to easily prepare for participation in a variety of these types of consumer-driven market opportunities as well as helps you better understand the impacts of your farming practices.

Let the Landus GROW Solutions Center team show you how the GROW Ag Data Locker can make your data work for you. Contact the team at (515) 800-GROW. Or, you can take the first step by visiting the Landus Customer Portal and opting in via the “Data Locker” tab on the left side of the screen. We know you are busy wrapping up harvest, so all we are looking for at this time is a commitment to participate. 

The GROW Solutions Center team will work with you following harvest to get your data and input it into the GROW Ag Data Locker for you!