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The No Nitro Circus

GP The No Nitro Circus
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One crop symptom can lead to another. And with all this rainfall, fungicide application will be critical for keeping your crop healthy through harvest. Join in on this circus of a spring with Landus Technical Agronomy and Precision Lead and your Virtual Agronomist, Dan Bjornklund; and Landus Regional Sales Manager and Agronomy Minute host, Scott Ahrenholtz.


  • 75% of nitrogen is used after V10
  • 3-4% of nitrogen is lost daily to denitrification
  • Nitrogen stabilizers are crucial right now in these wet conditions
  • UAN and Urea conversations should be had now with your Account Lead or the GROW Solutions Center
  • A second fungicide application may be necessary
  • AcreEdge CropPWR Technology is available and ready to be combined with your fungicides.
  • Visit for more information.
  • Tar spot tracking app: