The Road to Drive for Landus


DES MOINES, Iowa (April 21, 2023) — Landus is actively recruiting new drivers to join our team. To welcome prospective new drivers to Landus, we asked some of our veteran delivery specialists to share their thoughts on why Landus is their preferred place of work. 

Whether it’s the premium benefits that Landus offers, the updated trucks and equipment that our drivers operate, or the flexible schedule that’s as predictable as it is manageable, Landus delivery specialists are given all the tools they need to drive safely and efficiently on their routes. 

Landus drivers enjoy: 

  • Premium benefits
    • Healthcare
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • 401k match of 6%
  • Predictable schedule
    • Home every night
  • Updated equipment
    • New trucks and trailers
    • Investments in our locations to accommodate today’s larger equipment and traffic flow

Our drivers are essential to our business 

Larry Royer arrives early with his truck and trailer to a farmer’s field early to help set up for the busy day ahead. This particular farmer has 3,700 acres of farmland and has typically sold his grain to different retailers. Larry has formed a professional connection with this farmer and connects with him frequently. Because of Larry, grain bushels from 3,700 acres of farmland that weren't being sold to Landus are now going directly to the nearest Landus location. 

"No one else is even competitive compared to our benefits. Our health insurance is great."

Larry Royer, 8-year Landus Delivery Specialist

Jeff Hesnard has worked for Landus for 17 years. He delivers across the state and is home with his family after every shift. He has a background in agriculture and working with farmers and gets to exercise his grain knowledge every time he interacts with every delivery. Farmers get to know our delivery specialists and gain peace of mind when a familiar driver from Landus shows up to deliver their harvest.

“I don’t have a piece of advice for new drivers, but rather a piece of assurance: You’re given responsibility. You’ve got independence with this job. There’s a lot of relief on the farmers face when I show up to the farm. They know their grain is in good hands, and they trust me to take it from there.”

Jeff Hesnard, 17-year Landus employee

Doug Sukovaty is a Delivery Specialist going into his ninth year at Landus. He wakes up every morning and knows what his schedule is going to be.

“It’s the best job I’ve ever had. I’m my own boss. I know my schedule. I move at my own pace. Landus knows my strengths and they get the best out of me every day,” he said.

Regardless of which perk our drivers find most appealing at Landus, they all find a way to do great work — day in and day out. Landus is hiring new drivers today! Apply at for more information on our competitive wages, hours, and benefits. Outgrow expectations with us!