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There’s No Sweet Corn in Ankeny

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While the focus of this episode of the GROW Podcast was on the rail advantage of Landus, host, Ashley Kaldenberg, couldn’t help but take the chance to get market insights from guest, Dustin Weiner, Landus Grain Merchandising Lead. Dustin explains why we haven’t seen sweet corn yet among other important intel regarding the current and future state of the markets.

Specific to rail, Ashley and Dustin explain the importance and advantage that rail provides Landus and our farmer-owners. Positioned on all 7 railroads, Landus offers a solution to move grain out of the Iowa market to opportunities downstream. The discussion sheds light on the importance of this behind-the-scenes role within the coop, as well as recognition of the employees that dedicate their efforts to these jobs. Take a quick listen to gain a better understanding of how corn and soybeans are moved throughout North America!

Reference to Bubble Map mentioned can be viewed here.

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