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To Plant, Or Not to Plant

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Ah, and that is the question. And that’s exactly why we put our two favorite agronomists in the same room (warehouse) to talk shop (agronomy) in this special release of the GROW Podcast. Join Landus ‪Technical Agronomy and Precision Lead, Dan Bjorklund and special guest, Landus Account Lead (and your 2024 Iowa Certified Crop Adviser of the Year), Dave Lemke in this special release, recorded in the Gowrie chem building. 


  • Are you planting over this weekend (04/12 – 04/14)?
  • Hear the things these agronomists are looking forward to and things they’re weary about out for this planting season. 
    • There’s always a headline disease or insect in the growing year, and it could be a few things we haven’t seen in quite some time this year. 
  • Agility will be crucial in dealing with the unknown variables that will be dealing with weather, disease conditions, and such. 
    • The prescription from the virtual agronomist (Dan) is: apply AcreEdge CropLift early and often. 
  • Their bottom line message: Make sure you don’t screw it up! And always call your GROW Solutions Center when you have questions. 

Virtual Agronomist on YouTube