True Protein, True Value

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Metabolizable protein (MP) is crucial to the health and performance of pre-fresh dairy cows but delivering enough MP to high-producing dairy cows can feel challenging. And, delivering enough MP is often overlooked in the pre-fresh diet. When selecting a quality anionic supplement for the pre-fresh ration, consider how that feed ingredient may also help meet critical MP needs. Are you analyzing your anionic supplement for all of its benefits?

Feeding SoyChlor in the pre-fresh diet is another way to ensure that cows receive a quality source of true protein. When considering the true value of SoyChlor, it's important to not just focus on the source and amount of anions the ingredient supplements. Recognize and account for the contributions of all of its nutrients when formulating diets. Commercial anionic supplements vary greatly in their crude protein content, and for most, non-protein nitrogen (NPN) constitutes a substantial portion of their crude protein. But SoyChlor has no added NPN. Almost all of its crude protein is true protein, making a direct contribution to MP supply. 

The type of protein that individual feed ingredients contribute to your pre-fresh diet matters. Contact the Dairy Nutrition Plus team to learn more about how SoyChlor can add value to the diet.