Upcoming Transition Cow Nutrition Webinar

Snip cow eating mtime20181120062518
Snip cow eating mtime20181120062518

Understanding Dietary Calcium Requirements of the Prepartum Dairy Cow

Date: December 11, 2018

Time: 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm Central


What are the actual dietary calcium needs of pre-fresh dairy cows? Conflicting recommendations and differing interpretations of research have left producers, nutritionists, and university scientists questioning how much calcium to include in the diet for pre-fresh cows fed a negative DCAD diet. 

Join us to explore a review of published literature in this exclusive webinar hosted by SoyChlor Regional Sales Manager Brandi Gednalske and SoyChlor Nutritionist Dr. Tim Brown.

Dairy producers, nutritionists, and veterinarians are invited to learn more about:

  • The metabolic calcium requirements of the close-up dry dairy cow
  • How metabolically acidified cows metabolize calcium differently than metabolically alkalotic cows, and why that matters
  • Recently reported issues associated with extremely high calcium in the diet

Register today to learn what the research is telling us about the dietary calcium requirements of the prepartum dairy cow.