What Does Investing in Cover Crops Look Like and is it For You?

On July 8, 2020, Landus President and CEO Matt Carstens will be joining Iowa Learning Farms and the Practical Farmers of Iowa to discuss “The Business of Cover Crops” during their “Cover Crop Boot Camp.” 

Joining Carstens in his session at noon will be Crop Consultant Dr. Lee Briese from Centrol Inc. of Twin Valley, Minnesota, Carstens and Dr. Briese will discuss; cover crop benefits to consulting businesses, working with co-ops, client interactions and planning, and business case for conservation agriculture. 

Measuring your return on investment on cover crops can seem impossible. And the timing of termination is just at fickle. While the investment of implementing cover crops on your operation can be high, we know the benefits they provide – like adding biomass in the soil, grazing for livestock and eliminating wind erosion. The efficiency and reward of current cover crop options need to be improved and informing more growers and businesses is just the start. 

With the goal to educate listeners about the benefits of cover crops and how to market them to customers, this webinar series is backed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service, from the USDA.

To register to attend and listen on July 8 at noon, visit