Your Cooperative Advocating Across the Border

On the right Dairy Nutrition Plus sales manager Brandon Finke, hosted on the left Jarrod Firlotte, Director of Business Development from Mid Canada Transload Services Ltd.

To advocate for our members, Landus Cooperative recently signed on to a national letter supporting the passage of the U.S., Mexico, Canada agreement (USMCA).

The letter, signed by more than 700 organizations (as of June 1) across the U.S. food value chain, asks Speaker Pelosi, Minority Leader McCarthy, Majority Leader McConnell and Minority Leader Schumer, for their strong support for swift ratification of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

In late May, President Trump indicated he would soon send the agreement to Congress for ratification. Meaning, if approved, the agreement could be approved this summer. 

At Landus Cooperative, the USMCA is important to our members. 


Canadian sales opportunities for our SoyPlus meal manufactured from Iowa soybeans is strong. So strong in fact, we need to find more ways to transport it there. Recently, Emerson Milling of Manitoba visited the SoyPlus facility in Ralston, Iowa to learn about how our dairy feed starts as farmer-grown, Iowa soybeans and is processed into all-natural ingredients that help produce quality milk. Dairy cows in Canada are hungry for quality bypass protein and Landus Cooperative is working to partner with Mid Canada Transload Services to move more member-grown products.

Leopoldo Orozco, International Manager; Ron DeJongh, Chief Commodity Marketing Officer tour a Mexico feed mill with a prospective customer.


Mexico is also important to our business. This spring, Landus Cooperative’s grain merchandising team visited long-time SoyPlus customers, Nuplen, and several whole corn and soybean prospects in Mexico. One of the prospective shuttle train customers is a large beef and dairy operation who is seeking higher quality grain and regular shipments from a single grain company. Our merchandising team is working to access new, direct demand opportunities for our cooperative. These kinds of partnership take time, but we are excited about these possibilities across the southern border. 

We encourage our members to voice their support for the ratification of the USMCA agreement this summer. Your cooperative is working hard to move more value-added products into our neighboring countries to support your farm’s profitability.