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Join GROW Podcast co-host, Ashley Kaldenberg, Landus grain merchandiser, and her guest Scott Stoller, grain merchandiser from Stoller Grain Solutions, as they cover using market fluctuations, grain marketing for the future, and how crop insurance can help you manage risk in your operation. Ashley and Scott tackle the questions surrounding the risk taken with selling grain. 

Landus believes that every farmer is better positioned for success when they know their break-even price. Knowing your break-even price gives you a goal to aim for and can determine how aggressive you can be in selling your grain to market. Ashley and Scott dive into how basis can be varied in different markets and how that can impact, or not impact, your selling price. If you’ve ever had questions about how crop insurance can be utilized as more than just a worst-case scenario this podcast is for you. Ashley and Scott dive into how crop insurance can be used as a grain marketing and risk management tool. 

The Landus GROW Solutions Center is available to go over your break-even price and offer recommendations on when your grain could be worth selling. Just call or text (515) 800-GROW (4769) to find out more or email

Rural Matters will touch on crop insurance through the upcoming Farm Bill as it progresses through Congress. Stay tuned to the Rural Matters page on our website for the latest on public policy and how it relates to rural communities. 

Learn all that and more in the latest episode of the GROW Podcast.

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