Your Tissue Test Micronutrient Alert

Sustainability Soybean Examination

98.5% of corn in your area has shown deficiencies in Zinc, Manganese and Boron in the last two years

Zinc is a key component of several plant enzyme systems, including growth hormone production. It’s also required for chlorophyll synthesis and carbohydrate formation.

Manganese is essential for nitrogen utilization, photosynthesis and plant vigor. It also aids in formation of nodules in legumes.

Boron is essential for nitrogen metabolism, and optimal flowering and fruiting. It increases cell division and differentiation, nodulation health in legumes, and the movement of sugars and carbohydrates in the plant.

*This data is based on 142 total/sample volume from 2018-2019 NutriSolutions database for Landus; stage V5-V8

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County-By-County Deficiencies