100% -- The Metric That Matters – Grain Episode

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On this episode of the GROW Podcast, host Ashley Kaldenberg sits down with Derek Hommer, a risk management consultant from Nationwide, and Ahad Mujeeb, a EHS team member from Landus to talk about grain bin safety. February 19 – 25 is grain bin safety week, and given our farmers and team members are in contact with grain bins regularly, we felt it was important to stop and take a minute to remind listeners to be mindful of the dangers and how to stay safe.

Derek and Ahad offered numerous tips, but most importantly a zero entrance stance. If we avoid entering grain bins there is a 100% chance that an engulfment or entrapment accident will happen. Listen now for suggestions on avoiding entry and other ways to stay safe when it comes to grain bins and other safety hazards as we prep for planting.

Links referenced in this podcast:

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