Landus Capital Investments

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In our 2022 annual report, we highlighted our pledge to invest $84.1 million back into our locations to better serve our farmer-owners. In this episode of the GROW Podcast, join host, Ashley Kaldenberg with guests, Mark Miner, chief investment officer, and Jon Setterdahl, product and services leader, as they cover how that money is used to help strategic Landus locations.

Investments in the co-op world used to be focused on speed and space. It was a coined phrase that outlined the investments that made a co-op successful. Today, we’ve shifted into an insights and infrastructure model that focuses on information and strategic location updates that not only help the cooperative grow, but more importantly elevate the farmers that we work with.

Join Mark, Jon, and Ashley as they dive into how the decisions are made regarding what locations get what updates and how locations near you may be getting upgrades in the near future.

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