Plant Health: The Beginning and End | Agronomy Episode

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The factor that paid dividends this season was stock rigidity and health. With dryer conditions toward the end of this year’s growing season and higher winds to the west, crop health was the make-or-break factor for many farmers. The agronomy trio John King, Brad Sherwin, and Dan Bjorklund, return after exploring through farmer plots and report back their findings. Highlights: Market Update 2024 December corn prices could benefit from a 5%-10% crop risk The Israel and Palestine conflict may affect natural gas prices; which could affect market prices in general Landus crop protection prices launch first week of November. Keep an eye out for Landus communication pieces with more information Agronomy Portion It was a good harvest for Brevant hybrids. Their plant health was great and withstood the dry spell that langured through the end of the V5 growing season. Data will continue to be a big factor for future crops. Sample your soil this year so you’ll know what’s needed for next year. Although potassium is considered a secondary micronutrient, it’s working into consideration as a primary nutrient. Show notes: Dave Lemke brought a lot of insight to this week’s agronomy discussion. Read his recent Getting to Know Landus feature here. Connect with us