Rural Matters X GROW Podcast Special

Podcast Graphic for Blog Posts 093022

The Iowa legislative session of 2023 started in early January and ended in May. Throughout that timeline, Susan Tronchetti, Landus external affairs lead, published Rural Matters; the reoccurring series that covers topics that are debated in the chambers of the capital and impact rural Iowa. Since the session’s end in May, Rural Matters has become a monthly publication still dedicated to exploring topics that impact rural Iowa. In this week’s GROW Podcast, SueTronchetti and Landus business development lead, Brian Crowe, discuss the issues that are most impactful to rural Iowa, what bills were passed in the last session that impact rural Iowa, and national topics like the Farm Bill. Learn more about: Eminent domain battles with the CO2 pipelines School vouchers and the impacts that come with charter schools online The value of a coop being a political player for rural communities Farm Bill coming this year Show notes: Take the healthcare survey (open to Landus farmer-owners until September 11, 2023) Read Rural Matters: Connect With Us: