Soybeans and the Biltmore Estate – Grain Episode

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You are probably asking yourself what soybeans and the Biltmore Estate have to do with each other. Take a listen to this episode to find out and hear other interesting insights and intel from podcast guest, Grant Kimberley, Senior Director of Market Development at the Iowa Soybean Association (@IowaSoybeans).

Host, Ashley Kaldenberg, kicks off the podcast with a question on everyone’s mind. What is up with soybeans? Grant shares that some big things are happening with soybeans, from soybean crush plants to renewable fuels, soybean meal to exports, research to yield growth, and more.

Grant highlights the increase in 16 new crush plants and the drive for additional biofuels and renewable diesel. With the increase in oil, the offset is additional soybean meal. He talks about the advantage that domestic livestock producers should see as well as the opportunity for exports. Growth in soybean meal in rations, but also an increase in poultry and growth of aquaculture. There are also opportunities for diversified uses for soy-based products, aka Biltmore Estate connection!

The episode includes a discussion around a look at corn and soybean planting. An act of the Iowa Soybean Association is to support research and they are looking at genetics and soybean yield growth. Kimberley discusses urbanization and how we’ve gone from growing to consuming, and therefore need to figure out how to yield more and reminds listeners that soybean is an easy-access protein for livestock rations.

Ashley wraps up the episode by getting Grant’s thoughts on some of the geopolitical unrest and China. Grant outlines the resources in place and how the industry in China plays a large role in a continued positive collaboration to maintain levels of export.

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