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Thursday, May 4, 2023, will be a landmark date in Landus history, marking the launch of the joint venture between Landus and DEFENSEWERX called LANDWERX, an innovation hub built for farmers and nurtured by participation. In this special edition of the GROW Podcast, Landus president and CEO, Matt Carstens, and Landus chief of staff, Marry Bendickson, host DEFENSEWERX chief technology and innovation officer, Brad Chedister, to discuss what LANDWERX is aiming to achieve for farmers and where there’s opportunity for farmers to engage with industry-altering ideas. Matt and Brad recall how the partnership was ignited and establish the foundation that fuels the next steps in the initiative. LANDWERX is for the farmer and is propelled by farmer participation and engagement. To learn more about LANDWERX, visit landwerx.org and fill out the contact form to get in at the ground level of the exciting next chapter in the Landus story. Follow us on our social media channels: https://linktr.ee/landusag