The Boogeyman – Agronomy Episode

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We’ve never seen a fertilizer market like this and it has advisors and farmers, alike, losing sleep and questioning the “right” decisions! In this episode, host John King and Josh Linville (@JLinvilleFert), Director of Fertilizer at StoneX, talk about the volatility in the fertilizer market and how farmers can set themselves up for success despite the unknown. Linville breaks down the factors driving markets (additional graphic) and the need to remove strong emotions from the decision-making process with heightened unpredictability. King and Linville offer enlightening, candid dialog that is so crucial, especially during times of uncertainty when farmers are focused on gaining as much insight as possible!

GROW Solutions Center Agronomy Specialist, Dan Bjorklund, joined in the conversation to help with the Market Outlook portion of the podcast and the Product of the Month.

This month’s product is Yara’s YaraVita® PROCOTE™. Yara Sales Agronomist, Parker Edgington, joined the podcast to share more about this micronutrient coating for granular fertilizer. Landus has seen some exciting benefits to utilizing YaraVita PROCOTE, and is specifically impressed with the dust control aspects of this value-added product. Check out the videos below to see the dust difference.

Granular fertilizer WITH YaraVita PROCOTE:

Granular fertilizer WITHOUT YaraVita PROCOTE:

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