The End is Coming, but Watch out for the Future - Agronomy Episode

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As harvest time is quickly approaching, it is time to be critically looking at the crops for this season and looking for what is to come. In this episode, our host, John King, sits down to talk with Dan Bjorklund, a GROW Agronomist, to discuss the current events of the growing season. Dan discusses the states of corn and beans currently through what types of yields we will potentially be seeing and some hazardous conditions emerging at the end of the growing season. Check out this quick video that Dan shot looking at stress tolerance of different hybrids here.

Also, in this episode, you will get the low down on the current fertilizer and input markets and their future predictions. Host, John King, discusses three major themes of the input market, which include the high control the global energy prices have, the concern of what the U.S. farmer will do with all of the P&K, and how the U.S. dollar is a haven for the U.S. exporters. Take a listen to hear more about how these markets are moving and what is expected to come within the coming months! Finally, in this episode, the featured product of the month is more focused on the premium fungicide market and the advantage of this for prevention of unpredictable conditions.

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