What’s Affecting Your Emergence? - Agronomy Episode

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The agronomy trio is back in the very first on-location GROW Podcast. John King (@JMKINGLANDUS), optimization and procurement lead; Dan Bjorklund (@DanielBjorklun9), technical agronomy and precision lead; and Brad Sherwin, technical agronomist, welcome GROW Podcast listeners to the Jefferson Seed Center. With an estimated 89% of Iowa’s corn in the ground, and surrounding states reporting similar numbers, there’s no better backdrop than pallets of chemicals at our updated Jefferson location. The gang dives into the Taranis data that’s helping farmers scout their acres with drones, how practices are benefiting the farmers in the future, and much more. Taranis launched with Landus High Yield Learning Groups earlier this year. Farmers who signed up for the Taranis AcreForward technology got access to data designed to help farmers quickly identify and visualize stand count, weed pressure, diseases, insect damage, and nutrient deficiencies. In this episode, Landus agronomists dive deeper into the obstacles that come with no-till and vertical-till practices and the top insects to be concerned with this season. Explore these topics and more in this week’s GROW Podcast. Stay tuned to the GROW Podcast for the most up-to-date chemical and fertilizer market insights. There will be more on-location and in-field podcasts in the future, so subscribe to the GROW on the Go newsletter to make sure you don’t miss the next one! Follow us on our social media channels