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Agriculture Degrees and the Job Market with Mike Gaul

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The GROW Podcast travels to Ames to gain insights from Mike Gaul, director of Career Services at Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS).

If you graduated from one of the top agricultural institutions in the country, ISU, you’ve likely run into Mike in Curtiss Hall. Whether it be for career advice, course selection, or just stopped in to chat, Mike has had personal interactions with students spanning 25 years of ISU graduates. 

Highlights from this podcast: 

  • Graduates from ISU CALS have a 98.5% placement rate post-graduation 
  • ISU career fair in October is expected to have 289 recruiters 
  • Ag-related salaries have averaged an increase of 8.4% since last year 
  • One of the most unique job markets in ag in the last 25 years 

Show notes:

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