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GROW Podcast: Your Eye in the Sky

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If you could know what every individual plant needed to succeed, you’d likely take that information and provide appropriate nutrients and protections to those plants. Now imagine that you have an avian business partner that takes to the sky for an hour every other week, and scans for deficiencies and areas of improvement at the plant level. Your little bird can give you distinct data so you can, “make decisions based on fact rather than feeling.” Landus SkyScout powered by Taranis provides this exact situation to farmers... except your winged, feathered business partner is a qualified agronomy expert armed with the modern technology of drone sensors and lenses. 

In this episode of the GROW Podcast, Landus Director of GROW Agronomy, John Finneseth, hosts Taranis Vice President of Customer Success, Pablo Bruzzoni; and Taranis Customer Success Representative, Corey Edge to talk about how SkyScout provides farmers with data gathered just a few feet in the air can break the boundaries of what we thought was possible for ag-data.