European Natural Gas Prices Tell All In Market Prices

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During the remaining Innovation Connector events this week, guests will be treated to an in-depth analysis on fertilizer prices, tracking freight, supply chain variants, and yield crop and agronomy outlooks. If you can’t attend, in the latest GROW podcast, John King breaks down how the European gas prices provide tell signs of what’s to come for every market in chem, fertilizer, and all things agronomy. John’s co-host this week, Dan Bjorklund, brings back updates from his field studies at Landus Farnhamville and shares how farmers can expect more out of biostimulants with good data points. 

Natural gas prices were suspended while Europe waited for the winter that never came. Europe had its second warmest winter ever recorded and kept its natural gas reserves at sufficient levels. The translation of this shows how prices of ammonia, urea, and fertilizers will be impacted. Expect to pay higher prices on phosphate. Since “high prices cure high prices,” the demand for phosphate will go down. However, do not expect to find name-brand phosphates, fertilizers, or fungicides in June or July due to supply issues. 

Dan Bjorklund reports back from the 160-acre Landus Farnhamville research plot and his studies from Landus partner tours across the US. The verdict: the more data points we can gather, the better the Farmer of Tomorrow is projected to do. Landus has established a dedicated Farnhamville plot just for research into new ways of application and growth. Dan and his team are collecting thousands of data points every season — improving from the few hundred that have been collected in years past. Landus is chasing every farmer’s goal of achieving 300 bu/ac.

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With ideal conditions for tar spot this season, it’s never been more important to be tuned into the development of pests and fungi that pose threats to your yield. Our High Yield Learning Group sessions on Tar Spot are available on our YouTube page! Subscribe to our GROW on the Go newsletter or call your account lead to stay up-to-date on the upcoming groups.

To understand the emerging technologies and innovations from ag’s technology enterprises, the farmer-owner needs a partner like Landus to break down the intricacies of what’s coming in ag’s future. Take the data findings from our studies for example: Many people would have difficulty digesting this data. That’s why Landus experts are here to contextualize the data for you and help you digest it in meaningful ways. To better help your on-farm decision-making skills, Landus is concluding its fourth Innovation Connector series on Thursday, March 31.

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