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Carbon…A Bit Like Bitcoin

June 27, 2022

As the market strives to create some liquidity for carbon credits, farmers are left with many questions about how carbon credit programs work, the value, and how to take advantage. On this episode, our host, John King, sits down with Molly Toot, GROW Business Leader, and Nila Johnson, GROW Data Team, to talk about the growing popularity of carbon programs and the carbon market. Through the discussion, they share how Landus and the GROW Solutions Center are positioned to help the farmer better understand what these programs entail and how we can be a resource to navigate the options. Landus works with programs, such as Carbon by Indigo (@Indigoag), a leading offering in the space. Help us gauge your interest in carbon programs by completing this short three-question survey --

Also on this episode, you’ll get the scoop on the fertilizer and chemical from John, as well as what we are currently seeing in the fields from, GROW Solutions Center agronomist, Dan Bjorklund. You won’t want to miss these outlooks and benchmarks for your operation. Finally, the featured product of the month is a Landus private label product coming soon, a slow-release nitrogen product with 24% nitrogen and a full 1% boron.

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Beans, on Beans, on Beans – Grain Episode

June 13, 2022

Landus offers a unique position for farmers’ soybeans through the soy production facility in Ralston, IA. This facility crushes more than 25 million bushels of beans each year and is one of the largest mechanical processing facilities in the world. In this episode join guest, Brandon Finke the lead of the Landus Animal Nutrition department, as he walks listeners through this asset and the valuable products manufactured. Learn about SoyPlus, the high bypass soybean meal that is used within the dairy industry, and how the facility has expanded to meet the increased demand.

Host, Ashley Kaldenberg, also spends time diving into the oil product and the hot topic of renewable diesel, and how Landus can play a role in this discussion through the Ralston facility and the demand for farmers’ soybean oil. This is a new frontier and Landus has positioned our farmer-owners to be a key link in meeting this demand and creating programs that offer all stakeholders opportunity due to owning our crush facility. Soybean demand will be high and continue to remain high! Listen to this episode to understand the levers driving this demand.

For questions or comments, please reach out to the Landus GROW Solutions Center at (515) 800-GROW or email

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Expectations Set, Reality Met – Agronomy Episode

May 23, 2022

On this episode of the GROW Podcast, host John King explores a paradigm shift shared by Van Wall Equipment owner, Don Van Houweling. Rather than looking at equipment needs from planting to harvest, Van Houweling shares that his team is transforming this view to focus tillage to tillage, aiming for a fully engaged customer. As the leading John Deere dealer in Iowa, Van Wall Equipment ( is leveraging the importance of data and how equipment can ease data gathering for farmers. With 67% of acres in Iowa planted with John Deere equipment, according to Van Houweling, they have a huge opportunity to harness farmer data efficiently. Van Houweling shares his insights on the equipment landscape now and for the future. We encourage you to check out the Van Wall location nearest you. (

This month’s Product of the Month is Take Off® LS from Verdesian ( Scott Ahrenholtz and Dave Schwartz from Verdesian join the episode to explain the details and benefits of this nitrogen fertilizer manager. Take Off LS allows plants to more efficiently assimilate carbon and utilize nitrogen. For more detail on Take Off LS, click the following video or check out more information here.

For more from these wonderful guests, be sure to visit their websites or follow them on social.

Van Wall Equipment - @vanwall

Verdesian - @verdesian

The GROW Podcast is brought to you by the Landus GROW Solutions Center – (515) 800-GROW;

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Pin the Tail on the Donkey – Grain Episode

May 09, 2022

While this grain market is no game, it feels a bit like we are blindfolded, aiming at a moving target when making decisions. In this episode, Landus host, Ashley Kaldenberg, is joined by StoneX Risk Management Consultant, Jake Moline. Moline works closely with Landus and gives his perspective on the grain markets, how farmers can manage risks, and the benefits of working with a cooperative, such as Landus, to do so. Kaldenberg and Moline take a careful look at old crop, Dec 2022, and Dec 2023. Through their discussion, they’ll talk about the understanding of profitability, varying ways to define risk, the value of crop insurance, working with trusted partners, and so much more. For additional insights, click here to view both soybean and corn seasonal reports for November and December.

If you’d like more information, please contact the Landus GROW Solutions Center grain team at (515) 800-GROW, #2. Also, for more tips direct from our guest or StoneX, you can follow Jake Moline @jake_moline or @StoneX_Official.

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The Boogeyman – Agronomy Episode

April 26, 2022

We’ve never seen a fertilizer market like this and it has advisors and farmers, alike, losing sleep and questioning the “right” decisions! In this episode, host John King and Josh Linville (@JLinvilleFert), Director of Fertilizer at StoneX, talk about the volatility in the fertilizer market and how farmers can set themselves up for success despite the unknown. Linville breaks down the factors driving markets (additional graphic) and the need to remove strong emotions from the decision-making process with heightened unpredictability. King and Linville offer enlightening, candid dialog that is so crucial, especially during times of uncertainty when farmers are focused on gaining as much insight as possible!

GROW Solutions Center Agronomy Specialist, Dan Bjorklund, joined in the conversation to help with the Market Outlook portion of the podcast and the Product of the Month.

This month’s product is Yara’s YaraVita® PROCOTE™. Yara Sales Agronomist, Parker Edgington, joined the podcast to share more about this micronutrient coating for granular fertilizer. Landus has seen some exciting benefits to utilizing YaraVita PROCOTE, and is specifically impressed with the dust control aspects of this value-added product. Check out the videos below to see the dust difference.

Granular fertilizer WITH YaraVita PROCOTE:

Granular fertilizer WITHOUT YaraVita PROCOTE:

For more information about our guests or their offerings, please be sure to check them out or follow them on social media.

Contact the Landus GROW Solutions Center at (515) 800-GROW. For deeper fertilizer discussions, ask the GROW Team to connect you with our host, John King (@JMKINGLANDUS).

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Shaking It Up - Grain Episode

April 11, 2022

On this episode, host Ashley Kaldenberg, welcomes Matt Hackfort, Landus Feed Lead, to explore how Landus is shaking up the feed industry with a new Landus approach to their role in the feed supply chain. Matt Hackfort shares insights on recent partnerships that showcases this new strategy which is focused on grain, and the value proposition this approach offers our farmers, our partners, the feed industry, and the rural communities we are a part of.

For more information on recent Landus feed optimizations visit:

AMVC and Landus Partner on Feed Mill in Audubon County

Standard Nutrition and Landus Announce Grain Origination Agreement for Northern Iowa Feed Mill Locations

Landus and Mid States Milling Sign Optimization Agreement

For questions or more information, contact the GROW Solutions Center at (515) 800-GROW or email

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SPECIAL EDITION: Reactions to the 2022 USDA Acreage Report

April 03, 2022

The Landus GROW Solutions Center releases a special edition of the GROW Podcast to address the recent USDA Acreage Report. As you heard in our last grain podcast, this report was anticipated to be a big deal! Our host, Ashley Kaldenberg, is joined by Landus legend, Janette Smith, Grain Lead in the GROW Solutions Center. Ashley and Janette sit down and have a conversation around what this report shared and what it means for the farmer. Janette shares advice and tips on what farmers should be considering given this outlook.

For more detail, have a look at the Landus Market Commentary post that came out following the report release:

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It’s the Wild, Wild West – Agronomy Episode

March 28, 2022

Snake oil, foo foo juice, bug in a jug…biologicals have been given all sorts of names! While there are skeptics, the growing market and investment in biologicals has created the need to look deeper. Landus is working to help farmers understand opportunities and sift through the noise by analyzing and testing potential products in our research plots.

In our first agronomy episode, host John King, kicks off the podcast with a candid view of what we at Landus see happening with crop protection and crop nutrients in today’s volatile market. John and Landus Southeast Business Unit Leader, Matt Brown, walk listeners through a high-level review of supply challenges and expectations for fertilizer, chemical, and seed. Overall theme – it is going to be tight and a bit of a wait and see game.

Jumping into the wild west of biologicals, John was joined by the most tenured agronomy experts of the Landus team, Dan Bjorklund, Landus GROW Solutions Agronomy and Precision Lead and Dave Lemke, Account Lead. To help listeners, Landus and this team of experts systematically categorized biologicals in three buckets and talk through the benefits and opportunities.

To conclude, John and Matt bring listeners in on our Product of the Month, PhycoTerra from Heliae. Landus has been trialing PhycoTerra for several years at our research test plots. Posted below is a look at recent Landus specific trial data. For more information visit:

The GROW Podcast is brought to you by the Landus GROW Solutions Center. For more information or to purchase PhycoTerra through Landus, call (515) 800-GROW or email or reach out to your Landus field team representative.

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It’s One for the History Books - Grain Episode

March 13, 2022

The grain industry has recently seen things that it has not seen before and has left farmers feeling uncertain and unsure of what to do. Even the top grain experts are scratching their heads. In this episode, our host, Ashley Kaldenberg, is joined by Landus grain merchandiser, Jim Engler to uncover what all of the movement and volatility means for farmers. They’ll discuss the recent WASDE report, look at the current trade inverse, address the Ukraine/Russia impact, and what we might expect with the upcoming acreage report.

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