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SPECIAL EDITION: Reactions to the 2022 USDA Acreage Report

April 03, 2022

The Landus GROW Solutions Center releases a special edition of the GROW Podcast to address the recent USDA Acreage Report. As you heard in our last grain podcast, this report was anticipated to be a big deal! Our host, Ashley Kaldenberg, is joined by Landus legend, Janette Smith, Grain Lead in the GROW Solutions Center. Ashley and Janette sit down and have a conversation around what this report shared and what it means for the farmer. Janette shares advice and tips on what farmers should be considering given this outlook.

For more detail, have a look at the Landus Market Commentary post that came out following the report release:

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It’s the Wild, Wild West – Agronomy Episode

March 28, 2022

Snake oil, foo foo juice, bug in a jug…biologicals have been given all sorts of names! While there are skeptics, the growing market and investment in biologicals has created the need to look deeper. Landus is working to help farmers understand opportunities and sift through the noise by analyzing and testing potential products in our research plots.

In our first agronomy episode, host John King, kicks off the podcast with a candid view of what we at Landus see happening with crop protection and crop nutrients in today’s volatile market. John and Landus Southeast Business Unit Leader, Matt Brown, walk listeners through a high-level review of supply challenges and expectations for fertilizer, chemical, and seed. Overall theme – it is going to be tight and a bit of a wait and see game.

Jumping into the wild west of biologicals, John was joined by the most tenured agronomy experts of the Landus team, Dan Bjorklund, Landus GROW Solutions Agronomy and Precision Lead and Dave Lemke, Account Lead. To help listeners, Landus and this team of experts systematically categorized biologicals in three buckets and talk through the benefits and opportunities.

To conclude, John and Matt bring listeners in on our Product of the Month, PhycoTerra from Heliae. Landus has been trialing PhycoTerra for several years at our research test plots. Posted below is a look at recent Landus specific trial data. For more information visit:

The GROW Podcast is brought to you by the Landus GROW Solutions Center. For more information or to purchase PhycoTerra through Landus, call (515) 800-GROW or email or reach out to your Landus field team representative.

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It’s One for the History Books - Grain Episode

March 13, 2022

The grain industry has recently seen things that it has not seen before and has left farmers feeling uncertain and unsure of what to do. Even the top grain experts are scratching their heads. In this episode, our host, Ashley Kaldenberg, is joined by Landus grain merchandiser, Jim Engler to uncover what all of the movement and volatility means for farmers. They’ll discuss the recent WASDE report, look at the current trade inverse, address the Ukraine/Russia impact, and what we might expect with the upcoming acreage report.

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